About Z-Medical GmbH + Co. KG

Based and founded in Tuttlingen in 2010, Z-Medical GmbH + Co. KG is a privately financed and held medical device company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative implants and surgical instruments in the section of Spine, Hand & Foot and Arthroscopy. The company’s U.S. subsidiary was established in Atlanta, Georgia, in August 2015. Z-Medical implants stand for precision, are sterile packaged and ready for surgery.

About the MIS Z-Pedicle Screw System

The MIS Z-Pedicle Screw System and the pre-sterilized implants offer surgeons an ideal solution for their indication specific needs. Only one instrument set and the innovative implant design enable them to efficiently and cost effectively address the most common pathologies. It is primarily designed for a minimally-invasive approach for less tissue disruption, blood loss and trauma as well as for open procedures. It is approved for Degenerative, Trauma, Tumor and Deformity application.
Alignment after surgical correction of spondylolisthesis, reduction in fracture- and derotation in scoliosis treatments are achieved directly with the lengthening shaft, the pre-assembled set-screw, the long reduction thread and the especially designed uniplanar screws. The innovative implant design with the pre-assembled set-screw makes surgery faster, easier and safer.
The multifunctional system with only one instrument set and the innovative implant design allow a straight forward approach, reduce OR-steps, minimize potential risks and offer a wide range of treatment options.

Sterile packaging – UDI conform

All Z-Medical implants are sterile packaged, matrix coded and ready for surgery. Surgeons and OR staff get more flexibility and additionally achieve a maximum of safety of the patient the hospital and for themselves.

Become part of Z-Medical

Z-Medical is looking for distribution partners for their MIS Z-Pedicle Screw System. For further information, please contact info@z-medical.de or visit our website: www.z-medical.de/en/Home