Z-Compression Screws

The Z-Compression Screws offer highest convenience and safety during the application. All screws are self-drilling and self-tapping. With the development of the cannulated screws Z-Medical has specifically optimized all known problem areas:

  • Insufficient compression area
  • Insufficient adjustment possibilities and continuation of compression
  • Unnecessary pre-drilling at normal bone density
  • Large number of operational steps of systems available on the market
  • Necessity of opening a new sterile set for a single screw

Surgical Steps

1. Measurement over Guide Wire

2. Drilling and Countersinking at high bone density

3. Screw Insertion

4. Setting the Compression


  • Only less instruments needed for all types of screws Ø3mm / Ø 5mm / Ø 7,2mm
  • Large cannulation enables the use of a rigid guide wire
  • Big screw drive for optimal power transmission
  • Easy screw insertion because of the specific thread design (without pre-drilling)

Z-Double Thread Compression Screws

Z-Compression Screw

Z-Neutralisation Screw

Sterile Packaging

All implants are single sterile packaged and ready for surgery. Surgeons as well as surgical staff have additional flexibility and maximum of safety for themselves, the hospital and the patient. The ideal solution for outpatient care.

READY FOR SURGERY – All you need for one treatment!