Z-Staples are „all-in-one“ implants with integrated, breakable handle (single use / SnapOff). The inside of the handle features an integrated drilling gauge. Furthermore, the proximal end of the handle also serves as striking surface for the Z-Staple. The Z-Staples and the Z-Guide Wires are sterile packaged.

Z-Staples are available in three different sizes “MINI”, “MEDIUM” and “LARGE” in order to cover a wide range of indications.

Surgical Steps

1. Fix fragments gap-free,
Placing & Drilling

2. Insertion & Drive in

3. Breaking off


  • Different staple versions for a variety of indications in the section of hand & foot surgery
  • Z-Staples and Z-Guide Wire are sterile packaged and ready for surgery
  • Z-Staples create their compression mechanically by the combination of an exact drilling together with the geometry of the legs
  • The compression will be achieved selectively in the cortex where the forces can be transmitted by the bone structure
  • No displacement by anchorage in the cortex

Z-Staples MINI

Z-Staples MEDIUM

Z-Staples LARGE

Sterile Packaging

All implants are single sterile packaged and ready for surgery. Surgeons as well as surgical staff have additional flexibility and maximum of safety for themselves, the hospital and the patient. The ideal solution for outpatient care.

READY FOR SURGERY – All you need for one treatment!

Case Studies

Surgical Steps – PIP/DIP Arthrodesis

1. Correction of the joint

2. Fixing & Drilling

3. Drive in & Breaking off

4. X-ray control