Quattroaxial trans. Z-Pedicle Screws

Pedicle Screw for Deformities

The quattroaxial trans. screw is a uniplanar screw with an additional degree of freedom in the other planes that facilitates the rod insertion and minimizes undesired tension. It has the mobility of a polyaxial screw in cranio-caudal direction and of a monoaxial screw in medial-lateral direction. In combination with the polyaxial screws it is offering the surgeon especially for deformity treatments the possibility for global derotation of the vertebrae. The patented screw design is the next generation of pre-fixation screws. Hereby, in comparison with polyaxial screws, a 2-3 times higher angular stability is obtained as well as a sliding of screw head is avoided. The screw head position will be finally fixed with the rod.

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