MIS Z-Pedicle Screw System

The simplicity is the biggest advantage of the MIS Z-Pedicle Screw System!

The MIS Z-Pedicle Screw System consists of sterile packaged implants as well as Z-Guide Wires and only one instrument set. The four different axialities of the Z-Pedicle Screw (polyaxial, quattroaxial, quattroaxial trans., monoaxial) offers surgeons the all-in-one solution for degenerative, trauma, tumor and deformity treatments.

Instrument Set

The innovative screw design enables the surgeons to address efficiently and cost effectively the most common pathologies with only one instrument set. The advantage for distributors or hospitals is that independent of the indication of treatment only one instrument set is needed whereas competitor systems each need to use a specific implant system together with several instrument sets. Optional instruments on the instrument set allow the implementation of revision or extension surgeries. The double quantity of instruments enables the surgeons to work in parallel.

Z-Pedicle Screws

At all Z-Pedicle Screws the Ini (Set Screw) is already pre-assembled in the long reduction thread. They are cannulated, fenestrated, in different diameters color coded and in various lengths as well as axialities sterile packaged available. Due to its unique tip as well as thread design, they are self-drilling and self-tapping. The multi-conical double thread design offers a maximum of stability and pullout strength and allows quick insertion of the Z-Pedicle Screw.

Between the implant and the lengthening shaft is a rigid connection which will be separated with an instrument. For this reason, the surgical correction of spondylolisthesis, reposition in fracture- and the derotation in deformity treatments can be achieved directly together with the innovative screw design and the long reduction thread including the pre-assembled Ini without any additional instruments.

If required a controlled cement augmentation is possible with the use of the Bone Cement Filler Cannula directly through the Screwdriver Pedicle Screw.

Sterile Packaging

All implants are single sterile packaged and ready for surgery. Surgeons as well as surgical staff have additional flexibility and maximum of safety for themselves, the hospital and the patient. The ideal solution for outpatient care.

READY FOR SURGERY – Example: All you need for 1-level!